Infraestructure & Cloud Solutions

We work out solutions for your infrastructure...

  • We manage your servers, submit reports, and create alerts to have you updated. Our Cloud Solutions vary Windows Server, Linux Red Hat, Linux Centos, Linux Ubuntu, Vmware, MAc.
  • Your databases are of extreme importance, Ms Sql, Postgre, Mysql, Mongo. We create replicas and configurations of high availability.
  • We operate physical and virtual servers, Vmware, Proxmox, kvm, Hyper-v.
  • We recreate your servers in the Cloud with Amazon, Google, Azure, Huawei, Vmware.
  • As to emails, we recommend migration to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.
  • We monitor your networks' traffic, create Vlans, and identify incidents early with equipment like Cisco, HP, Aruba.
  • We give you advice on the analysis and creation of Backups of information for your company. Veeam, Azure, and Amazon are some of our solutions, but consulting is of paramount importance to put the correct resources at your fingertips.
  • Today, having Routers and Firewalls configured correctly is essential for daily operation smoothness. We are in charge of carrying this out and propose Fortinet, Ubiquiti, Sophos, PFsense to it.

...We know what you need, and we have solutions for each budget. You pay as you go.

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