IOT & Industria 4.0

Objects come to life...

  • Internet of Things (IoT) makes simple objects become solutions for daily life by connecting them to the internet.
  • We understand the importance of IoT for your organization and industries; that is why we study and analyze all the processes and peculiarities of your organization to see how to incorporate the solutions that generate significant improvements in your way of working.
  • No one would have ever imagined that TVs, washing machines, boilers, and other appliances could be connected to the internet to give you more and better solutions. The same will happen to your company or industry. We bridge the physical and digital world.
  • Industry 4.0 is the fourth industry evolution. The first was the steam machine; the second was the series production and electricity, and the third was IT and automation.
  • All these solutions can be seen with boards and control panels where metrics can be well followed (KPIs); they include early identification and workflow deviations to give a fast answer.
  • Generation of alerts integrated to message services in real-time is a complement to have you on the alert of the most critical indicators only through services like Whatsapp or Telegram. make your organization avant-garde

Servidores Objects connected to the internet
Industria Industry
Tablero de Control Control Panel
wi-fi WI-FI
Robot Automation
AUTO IOT Robotics


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