We help protect
your company’s data

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We protect your company from IT risks

IT Security

We provide advice regarding IT security so that your equipment, servers and digital data are always secured.


We activate protocols to prevent that your company’s information is exposed or vulnerable to the attack of cybercriminals.

Information Security

We have all the mechanisms to protect your company’s information regardless of the hosting device or environment.

Penetration Test

We study and sort the IT risks of our clients in order to identify security gaps in IT systems.


We create access barriers to prevent unauthorized and unverified access to your network through the Internet.

Perimeter Security

We protect the physical perimeter of your company. We detect potential intrusions with electronic devices.

Security Solutions

WE ASSESS the maturity level of each company so that, based on this, we can create a joint work plan

STANDARDS We work with International Standards such as NIST, ISO, FFIEC

WE PROVIDE ADVICE on Cybersecurity considering the network perimeter as well as external threats. (SOA)

WE MEASURE the vulnerability of your company’s users is critical both to understand what they are exposed to and to raise awareness.

WE DOCUMENT to identify and manage the information set consisting of policies, standards, methodologies and procedures of IT security (BIA, BCP)

We protect your information security:
In the cloud - On premise.