IT Security

We implement Safety Solutions...

  • It would be best if you got involved with security. We provide free-charge consultancy to understand your needs.
  • It is of extreme importance to assess each company's growth level to create a work plan together.
  • We work with international standards such as NIST, ISO, FFIEC.
  • We offer cybersecurity assessment by contemplating the network perimeter and external threats (SOA).
  • We must measure the vulnerability of your company's users to understand the threat and raise awareness.
  • Through document management, we spot and manage information related to policies, rules, methodologies, and procedures of IT Security (BIA, BCP).

...and they provide peace of mind when working

Servidores Perimeter Security
Nube IT Security
Cyberseguridad Cybersecurity
Routers IT Security
Backups Penetration Test
Cyberseguridad Firewall


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